What Is Pave Setting By Abhaas Jewels

Pave setting is an art of safely setting of stones into jewelry. In this technique multiple stones are set as close as possible, which are very also close to the surface of jewelry metal, so that the piece actually seems to be “paved” with stones. Each stone is divided by a little amount of metal. Since the stones fit as close with each other that the separation of metal on the band appears unseen to the naked eye.

Diamond Pave 14k Gold Bangle Jewelry

The overall look of a Pave Setting Collection is really unique. It seems almost like the jewelry piece has been rolled in gemstone. Most of the jewelers mainly utilize pave diamonds to increase a bevel setting around the main center stone on the ring, decorate prongs, or create a three-sided band where diamonds can be viewed from every direction of the ring.

Making diamond jewelry is one of the traditional uses of pave setting, where several tiny stones can glow with elegance when set through this method. This kind of setting is mostly preferred for rings and pendants jewelry pieces.

Various people prefer this kind of setting because they find it gorgeous, or because such jewelry can be fewer costly than other styles. Follow the link Abhaas.com to explore the enormous collection of pave setting jewelry pieces.

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